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The marketing principles of product, price, place, and promotion can guide future research on national and community service–based public health interventions for older adults. The ongoing BECT will determine if this particular augmented product, EC, can not only promote physical, cognitive, and social activity but also prevent incident mobility-associated disability, falls, and memory loss and promote self-efficacy. In the end, this may lead to reduced health care costs among older adult participants. 40 Future research on price should be done to determine the importance of specific barriers such as transportation and of benefits such as the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. This award can be used to support future education expenses of AmeriCorps members who have completed their term of service, or can be transferred to the grandchildren of AmeriCorps members who are aged 55 years or older. Additional research on place will be needed to determine the health potential of other civic engagement models, such as volunteering on public lands. 41 Finally, although this analysis of the first year of the BECT further demonstrates the ability of a generative message to attract older adults, additional research will be required to measure the effectiveness of specific messages and strategies over time.

Social marketing interventions based on the EC model could serve to decrease the “structural lag” in our social institutions, in which older adults are currently provided insufficient postretirement opportunities that both are appealing and promote a healthy lifestyle. Commercial marketing has tended to focus on younger adults because they are perceived as being at a life stage when they are determining lifetime spending. Social marketers may find recently retired older adults particularly open to generative opportunities at a time when they are at increased risk of physical inactivity and social isolation. 5 , 28 , 42 , 43 Increasing the visibility of older adult volunteers could also make volunteering more attractive to potential older volunteers by providing “social proof” to potential volunteers that other older adults are engaged in community service. 33

This analysis has several limitations. It details the development of the initial recruitment strategies for the BECT and evaluates the feasibility of these strategies. Ongoing work in this area will result in an analysis of the comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of specific strategies once recruitment for the BECT has been completed. Further research is required to determine how to best ascribe volunteer motives within the conceptual framework of generativity. Our recruitment resulted in a cohort composed predominately of older African American women. Although this could be seen as a limitation, there is a need for interventions that can attract groups that are underrepresented in most randomized controlled trials and are at high risk of physical inactivity or poor health outcomes. 11 , 32 While we have demonstrated an ability to attract older African Americans, future research using the social marketing model could assist the development of new interventions that might appeal to other demographic groups. For example, a model for coaching sports among youths might attract more older men, and Spanish or Mandarin immersion schools might recruit older immigrant adults, who may be socially isolated, as tutors. Apc Woman Midrise Slimleg Jeans Black Size 28 APC dqQSajK
Finally, the recruitment strategy described here was for a randomized controlled trial; recruitment for a volunteer program that does not involve randomization is likely to have a wider appeal.










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Sarah Turbin
BY Sam Corbin
October 2, 2017
Sarah Turbin

Feeling creatively bankrupt this Halloween? Can’t stand the idea of donning another generic witch cap, ghost sheet, or sexy pizza rat costume? You’ve come to the right place.

If you, like me, have been accused of suffering from witzelsucht , or any other such judgment leveled against your innocent penchant for puns, then let it be known: Halloween is the costumed arena where we shall have our revenge. What follows below is a list of pun -based costumes for Halloween, each of which assuredly consists of a very long walk to a very short punchline. Let the groans begin.

Sarah Turbin

1. Dress as a Jungle goddess and cover yourself in numbers that can’t be divided. You’re Amazon Prime .

Amazon Prime

2. Dress as a many-pronged garden tool and rap all night. You’re d’rake .


3. Dress as a zombie boxer and say you’re there to kill a doppelganger. You’re a dead ringer .

dead ringer

4. If you’re just single and looking for love, put on a coal worker’s hat and a headlight. You can flirt by saying you’re an unaccompanied miner .

unaccompanied miner

5. Dress as a bloodsucking bug and act jittery all night. You’re just a nervous tick .

nervous tick
Sarah Turbin

6. Create an electrical socket out of cardboard and then doodle, collage and scrapbook all over it. You’re a creative outlet .

creative outlet

7. Dress as a jar of Jif peanut butter and cover yourself in gold flowers. When people ask, say you’re Jif Gold-bloom .

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Migration Tasmania

for business and skilled migrants

Migration agents
Tasmanian Government - Visit www.tas.gov.au

Migration Tasmania > Site menu

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Migration Tasmania > Skilled migrants > Subclass 190 - Skilled Nominated Visa

The Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers which allows you to live and work in Tasmania.

State nomination from Tasmania for this visa provides you with five additional points to help meet the Department of Home Affairs points test pass mark of 65 points. More information on this is available under ‘Eligibility’.

If you are nominated by the Tasmanian Government for this visa, you must live in Tasmania for two years after the visa has been granted.

How to apply

Your application for state nomination and application for the visa are two separate processes. The Tasmanian Government assesses your application for state nomination and the Department of Home Affairs assesses your visa application.

The processing time is affected by the overall quality and thoroughness of your application. It is recommended that you prepare as much of the necessary documentation prior to applying to help avoid delays. Other factors that impact on processing times include changes in application volumes, seasonal peaks, and complex cases.

The usual processing time for Tasmanian Government state nomination ranges from two to eight weeks . Please also refer to thefollowing for the time it takes for the Department of Home Affairs to process your visa application upon state nomination.




Check that you meet the key eligibility requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs for skilled migration. This includes age, points required, nominated occupation, and English language competency.

View requirements




Check that you meet the additional nomination requirements set by the Tasmanian Government. There are different categories you may apply under and each have different requirements.

Check criteria



Expression of interest

Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) to register your interest in skilled migration with the Department of Home Affairs through SkillSelect. The EOI is not a visa application and is only an indication that you will like to be considered for a skilled visa.

Submit an EOI



Document checklist

Ensure you have all the required documents prepared before you apply. This may differ depending on which nomination category you fall under. Also ensure you have prepared the documents required to continue your visa application with the Department of Home Affairs after state nomination.



Apply for nomination

Apply for nomination from the Tasmanian Government through this website. Application processing times are currently two to eight weeks depending on the quality of your application. You will receive an outcome noting whether or not you have been offered nomination from the Tasmanian Government. State nomination does not mean your visa has been approved. This can only be done by the Department of Home Affairs.



Apply for visa

If the Tasmanian Government offers you nomination, you will receive a notification of outcome and an invitation to apply for your visa through Skillselect. You will then be able to apply for your visa with the Department of Home Affairs.



Maintain obligations

If you have been granted a visa, ensure that you maintain your obligations to the Tasmanian Government. This includes notification of your visa grant and when you arrive in Tasmania, updating contact details, completion of surveys, and fulfilling commitment to live and work in Tasmania for at least two years.

To be eligible to apply for state nomination, you must meet the following requirements set out by the Department of Home Affairs. You must have:

You can also find out how many points you can claim through the Interactive Points Calculator .

Go to the following website for more detailed information on these requirements as well as other relevant requirements. Please note that you also need to meet the Tasmanian Government nomination requirements to be eligible for state sponsorship.

To be considered for this category you must meet all the following criteria.

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